Healing Hooves


Marion de Roos is co-founder of the Hidden Cave Ranch and Hidden Cave Curly Horses. In 2021 after establishing a good foundation and settling in Kentucky for 11 years she finally is getting back to her true passion. Helping horses and other animals, their owners and children.

She has studied and received several certifications and degrees in Homeopathy, Neuropathic Medicine, and Holistic Veterinary Medicine. In her home country The Netherlands she had her own practice where she helped many horses, dogs and their owners.

What does Healing Hooves offer?

For Horses and owners:

A total Holistic package. Body, Mind and Soul.

Does you horse have behavior problems, like mentally insecure, spooky, straining or riding problems, all in all non desired behavior? Marion can help with training you and your horse together. Get a better understanding of your horse. Get a better understanding of the biomechanics of you and your horse. Get a better partnership with your horse on any level. WHY does my horse do this. Marion is all about the WHY. Not a quick fix, but getting to the root of the problem.

But what if your horse has physical problems? She can help you with that too. After a diagnosis from your (or her) veterinarian, she can make a complementarily plan to help your horse heal, rehabilitate with several different approaches which includes. Homeopathy, Herbs, Aromatherapy, Bodywork, Massage, Red light therapy and Kinesiology Taping. She has done over a decade of studies, courses and is an certified Holistic Practitioner

Marion also works with an Certified Equine Dentist and a Equine Osteopath/Sacral therapist if necessary.

For Children:

Marion always felt that horses are therapeutic. They can literally healing children broken spirit. But not only that in these times, when the world is spinning fast, our children have a lot on their plate. Social media not always helping, bulling, there are a lot of rising problems.

Anxiety, depression, learning disabilities, ADHD, Dyslexion, just to name some things our children struggle with these days.

Just with her normal riding lessons Marion saw many changes in her students. Positive shifts and she decided to get more knowledgeable in how to help children with specific problems.

She is currently getting certified in a program called:


Why? 60% of all students are below grade level…..why? What is the problem. Doesn’t necessarily have to be READING itself. There is or could be a underlying issue. The same problems are with Math. Children are getting behind, parents are desperate, where can I find help. Teachers are overwhelmed and not social workers.

Students are struggling, I don’t want to do it-I can’t do it-I give up

It’s a new and unique way to empower ALL students.

The American Bashkir Curly horse is a rare hypoallergenic and intelligent horse, perfect for equine therapy for children. Because this species is rare in the United States and worldwide, Marion has been committed to breeding the race since 2010, and now expands these services as well as rehabilitating horses with her preventive care expertise.

Marion recognized a need for rehabilitation, education, and program development based on her passion for the Bashkir Curly horses and addresses the growing demand for well-trained, intelligent horses that can be used for therapy, trail rides, and horseback riding lesson under the brand “Healing Hooves” since 2021.

For more information and or education please feel free to send an email to marion@hiddencaveranch.com