Meet our pure bred American Bashkir Curly Horses. The Curlies are known for their calm, intelligent and friendly personality. They show an easily trainable temperament. They are also known for having a tough constitution and great stamina. Most people have found that the Curlies enjoy being around people. The Curlies are typically not flighty. They tend to do more reasoning than most breeds. Curlies are acclaimed to be the only hypoallergenic horse breed; most people allergic to horses can handle Curly Horses without suffering any allergic reaction. If you are interested in buying a Curly Horse, check out our Curly Horse website: 


The horses are well trained and calm; still they are living creatures with their own personality and character. Therefore we try to make a good match between horse and rider. We offer riding lessons and guided trail rides for up to four riders at the time, but we can't guarantee that due to circumstances like the weather, availability and conditions of the trails and the outdoor riding arena. Before you enter a trail ride at the Hidden Cave Ranch we ask you to ride in the outdoor arena so we can see your riding skills. This is for the safety of horse and rider. Children under the age of 12 can ride in the outdoor riding arena under supervision. Minors need to wear a helmet. Shorts or barefoot is not allowed. We recommend wearing jeans and boots or shoes with a heel. 

Riding lessons are $25 per hour for guests and $35 per hour for non-guests. Guided trail rides are $35 per hour for guests and $45 per hour for non-guests, but won't be available between May 4th and May 6th. Be advised that there is a weight limit. Please schedule in advance and tell us your level of experience.